How To Help Iranians

Unfortunately due to sanctions it’s actually difficult to help Iranians in Iran, however there are many actions you can still do that will help.

Showing Solidarity

01. By simply showing solidarity with Iranians whether you’re Iranian or not, or whether you’re in Iran or not shows that the people of Iran that the world has got their back.

Morale is one the biggest and effective ways to help bring change. Boost morale, pick up a flag and help wave it and build awareness.

Help Iranians Bypass Censorship

02. Help Iranians in Iran fight internet censorship by bypassing the Islamic Regimes.

By simply having the SnowFlake chrome or FireFox extension installed you can help Iranians bypass censorship

FireFox & Chrome Extension Written Tutorial:

For Android Devices: Simply download the “Orbot App” and set it to “SnowFlake Mode”

For Iphone Devices: Use your internet browser and go to and scroll down until you see “Snowflake is off” and toggle the the switch beside “enabled” to turn it on.

It is best to leave your iphone open on the browser. So if you have an extra phone, simply leave it plugged into charge, and leave the browser on.

Share & Spread Awareness

03. Keeping Up-To-Date and Sharing what is going on in Iran with everybody and whatever internet forums or discussion boards you are part. And if you have a voice on social media please use it to help build awareness.

Obviously without spamming and being inconsiderate.

For the latest information please check out these subreddits:

Amnesty International

04. Amnesty International usually has petitions to help Iranians in Iran and to create awareness.

Their latest petition has been completed already – to learn more about it click here: “End the Protest Bloodshed In Iran

If there is another petition I will place it here, but to see if there is one or to see the latest of what Amnesty International has on Iran simply click here.