What is our goal?

Unfortunately due to sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran you cannot simply donate money to the everyday Iranian people in Iran that are protesting and fighting for their freedoms.

HOWEVER, what you can do and what the purpose of AzadiNow is, is to build as much awareness as we can.
If the whole world is aware and watching the Islamic Republic of Iran kill its own citizens for basic human rights we can place tremendous pressure for them to step down.

And so we are also using the funds to help raise money to build platforms, both online and offline infrastructures, so that we can create as much awareness as possible, if not the biggest campaign ever, and to figure out ways that we can legally help Iranians in Iran or Iranians outside of Iran that have escaped and need help. We are also providing multiple ways of uncensoring the internet for protestors via VPNS and other technologies.

Not only that we can boost the morale of everyday Iranian citizens to keep on protesting.
That we are here to help. And we will help.

AND SO, we can do this by showing solidary.
We can do this by waving the flags that represent the New Iran.

A democratic, open minded, free country where everybody, Iranians or Not can live in peace and harmony.

And we can do this by placing a flag everywhere we can.

Whether on our cars, whether on our front door, whether in our offices.

We can do this,

by spreading the message through simple day to day conversations,
through social media, through sharing, and through expressing your voice.

And not only that we can show the people of Iran that the world has their support. That their world is there for them.
That the world is watching. And that we are going to act on it.

And that most important we will never forget what has been done, and what is continuingly being done.

#WeWillNeverForget #ZanZendigiAzadi #MahsaAmini #JinaAmini #AzadiNOW #FreedomNOW

* Source: https://www.amnesty.org/en/location/middle-east-and-north-africa/iran/report-iran/